Register for the 2020 NZRCA Nitro Onroad Nationals


Please read the terms and conditions below and make sure you understand them before you enter this event.

Important Information

  • The 2020 NZRCA Nitro Onroad Nationals will be held over the weekend from the 20th till the 22nd of March 2020 to be held at the Canterbury Radio Control Car Club, Hasketts Road, Christchurch.
  • The venue will be available for open practice on Wednesday 18th March 2020 through till Thursday 19th March 2020 between the hours of 9am and 6pm.
  • Registration closes on the 28th February 2020. No late entries or fees will be accepted after this date.
  • There will be a 30 minute practice allowed for all three classes which will rotate throughout the day with a 30 minute lunch break.
  • Saturday 20th March there will be 5×8 minute heats. If we are unable to complete these heats on the Saturday then we will have the option to run the balance on the Sunday 22nd March 2020.
  • Sunday 22nd March 2020 race day The A final will be 45 minutes and the B final 20 minutes with the first three from the B final to advance into the A main final.
  • Both Saturday and Sunday will be conducted between the hours of 9am and 6pm as per council by-law due to noise
  • Electricity and charging facilities are available on site and food and drinks will be available to purchase during the event.
  • A limited number of pit tables will be available as well as a limited number of gazebos for shade. There will be an air compressor on site for cleaning cars and a porta-loo will be provided as well. Anyone from out of town requiring additional tables should get in touch with our Secretary Bev Winter so that something can be arranged.
  • No alcohol or smoking is allowed on the track or in the pits. Smokers must smoke at least 5 Metres outside of the track and pit fence area.
  • Please be mindful of health and safety around extension cords. It is the responsibility of each individual to make sure that the cords are covered where being walked over to avoid people tripping. All competitors are to work on their cars within the confounds of the concrete pad and within the track and pit area fence.
  • All instructions from the race director are final and must be adhered to. Any persons not adhering to the rules or ignoring instructions from the race director may be asked to leave and their entry forfeited.

GT Class Will run a controlled tyre as below. Procedure for controlled tyres

1. GT drivers request the quantity of tyres they want during the on-line registration process. Max allowed during qualifying & finals is:
a) 4x pair of PMT-Q3 @ $39 per pair incl GST
b) 2x pair of PMT-Q5 @ $39 per pair incl GST

2. Drivers pay for the tyres during the registration process. Must be paid in full by 28th February 2020. Should drivers require more tyres for practice etc they should purchase via Zoom Resources.

3. At beginning of qualifying day before drivers briefing:-
a) Tyres are opened in front of the GT drivers & rims are marked with coloured paint pen
b) Tyres are placed into sealable plastic zip lock bags which has the drivers name on it

4. At end of days racing all control tyres are submitted back to CRCCC scrutineer

5. At beginning of next day’s racing control tyres are handed back to each driver

Terms & Conditions

  • Entries for the 2019 NZRCA Nitro Onroad Nationals close on the 28th February 2020 and payment must be received no later than the 28th February 2020. No late entries or payments will be accepted after these date. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • The cost per entry is $60 for the first class, $20 for the second class and $10 for each additional class.
  • Payment must be deposited into the CRCCC bank account by 28th February 2020
  • Entries will not be considered complete until payment is made in full by the date listed above NO EXCEPTIONS
  • A full list of entries will be added to the event page on a weekly basis as entries are confirmed
  • NZRCA Rules can be found here: NZRCA Rulebooks
  • A minimum of 5 entries are required for each class and in the event of a class being cancelled due to minimum requirements, entry fees will be refunded.
  • There is no rain day allowed for ie Monday 23rd March 2020 as per council by law due to noise

Bank Account Information

03 0814 0183555 00

Please use NITRO NATS as a reference when making payment.

Entries Received As Of Jan 25 2019

1/8th GT

First NameLast NameVehicleTransponder
MichaelBurtXray gtx8.2123456
JeremySimonsXray NT14049231
KevinDenchSerpent Cobra XR8GT9443259
SelwynDuthieMugen GT78284422
CraigLambX-Ray GTX85695269
BevWinterSerpent SRX8 GT3346300

1/8th 4WD

First NameLast NameVehicleTransponder
NelsonSoperSerpent 9897116945
LukeDuthieINF1NITY IF181842176
CameronDenchserpent 989 viper8060054
TrevWinterSerpent 9889781059
DanielBurrowsInfinity IF18
ScottRobinsonInfinity IF184738797
ShaneMerrallInifinity IF18

1/10th 4WD IC

First NameLast NameVehicleTransponder
JeremySimonsXray GTX6930396
JasonKellyXray nt1.27664197
SamMccreanorMtx7 Os
LukeDuthieINF1NITY IF157669190
LanceWhittleSerpent Natrix 7503852403
ShaneMerrallINFINITY IF15