Covid-19 Level 2 rules and restrictions for Canterbury Radio Control Car Club

1. Registration to be done online for drivers. Crew and associates will be required to fill in a Contact tracing form at the track
2. As we fall under a “GATHERING” we must form groups of no more than 10 people. Under this restriction we need drivers to use the pit tables that you would normally use on previous race days.
These tables will be your group. You cannot visit or mingle with other tables. These groups must maintain social distancing and from each other and also other groups.
3. Electric drivers can set up their tables outside the venue fence behind the drivers stand as well as their usual place of setup to allow for a greater separation.
Power cables to be covered over in walkways.
4. Gates will be locked prior to the meeting. Gates open at 7.30am. No public will be allowed at present.
5. All surfaces to be wiped down prior to the meeting.
6. Drivers stand and rails to be wiped down between races.
7. Only 7 drivers will be permitted on the drivers stand and will stand 1 metre apart. This will be marked. If more than 7 drivers then there will be two lots of two heats with a final of seven drivers.
8. Single file 1 metre apart going up and down the stairs. All drivers ready for the next race must stand well clear of the drivers stand until all drivers have exited the stairs.
9. When going UP the stairs you are required to use the left stair case and exit the right hand side to maintain the 1 metre gap. Please do not bunch up during this process.
10. Sanitiser will be available by the clubhouse and by the tables.
11. After you have finished marshalling and racing please sanitise your hands.
12. The club rooms can only be entered by the drivers one at a time to collect their tables.
13. No drivers or crews are permitted to be in the clubhouse during the race meeting. Committee only.
14. Communication between the committee operating the computer and other jobs can be communicated to through the hatch by the front door.
15. Drivers to pay registration fee on the day. Please have the right change if possible.
16. If you are not registered online by the midnight Friday prior to the meeting then you will not be allowed to race.
If you turn up to do so on the Sunday you will be turned away. NO EXCEPTIONS.
17. We would like all members to please follow the rules. You may not like it but these are challenging times and the committee needs your cooperation. Please don’t argue with what’s been put in place.